Does it cost money for me to apply with FiveStarCarLoans.com ?
No! It costs nothing for you to apply for a loan with FiveStarCarLoans.com .

Do I have a good chance of being accepted?
Yes you do! We have a national network of lenders and dealer partners who are all about helping you get accepted.

I’m self employed, can I still qualify for a car loan?
Yes you can! Being a person who is self employed will not typically affect your approval for a loan.

Can I put zero money down?
We have a number of partners and programs that may allow you to put no money down on your car loan. Additionally, even if a down payment is required, you may be able defer part or all of the down payment.

What if I am going through bankruptcy or have gone through bankruptcy?
Even if you’re going through bankruptcy or have a bankruptcy in your past, we may be able to help you! We have many lenders and partners in our network that specialize in vehicle loans for people who have gone through bankruptcy or are currently in the middle of a bankruptcy.

Can I get a loan for either a new or used car?
Yes you can! Our lenders and partners offer car loans for both new and used cars!

What if I have a trade in?
Trade ins are welcome – running or not. If you owe money or have clear title we can help.

What if I’m upside down in my trade?
In most cases we can get a little extra help from the bank to overcome negative equity.

What if I have a reposession?
Many of our customers have had repossesions in the past. Our busines is helping you re-establish credit.

What is my interest rate?
Interest rate is determined by the lender. In short, the greater the risk they feel exists the more interest rate they will apply. However, in most states the law protects the consumer with a maximum interest rate of 17.95% on all 2001 and newer vehicles.

How much income must I have?
The usual minimum income required is about $1,200 per month. But it varies from lender to lender.

What if I’m a first time buyer?
We have many programs for first time buyers

How much will my monthly payment be?
This is determined by several factors: Amount of purchase, interest rate, term and down payment.